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Waterproof connector for T200

I am planning to use two T200 thrusters on a boat and want to connect them to the electronics that will be housed in a waterproof container. I want to be able to disconnect the thrusters from the waterproof container. Does anyone have any suggestions for a waterproof connector I can use for this. The cable is 6.5mm dia and has 3 leads inside of 16awg wire…

Hi @Abraham, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Our new WetLink penetrators could work for this (you can even get it preinstalled, albeit with a shorter cable), especially if detaching the cable isn’t expected to be frequent. It’s not quite as convenient to insert and remove the cable as it would be for an actual connector since you need access to the inside of the container to unscrew the cable wires from a terminal block, but it’s low cost and means you don’t need to worry about connector current ratings.

For actual connectors, I’m aware of the Blue Trail Cobalt Series (note the discussion about current rating in that post), but haven’t looked into this extensively. Perhaps others have some alternative suggestions :slight_smile: