Cobalt connectors for T500

Hi BR Community,

For those of you who want to put a connector on your T500 thrusters, Blue Trail Engineering now has a larger version of the popular Cobalt connectors that is perfect for the T500. We’re calling it “Cobalt 14,” a reference to the 14-mm diameter shank on the bulkhead connector (so it’s a drop-in replacement for the 14-mm WetLink penetrator).

You can see further details here. We currently stock the 3-pin version but will have a 4-pin version ready in just a few more weeks.



Hi @damonblue,

Cool to see - thanks for sharing! :smiley:

I’ve moved your post to the Hardware sub-category, and added the #news tag so it’s easier for people to find :slight_smile:

Thanks, Eliot!!!