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Terminate Fathom tether into standard RJ45 Ethernet plug?

In our application, we wish to run 8-conductor Fathom tether cable through penetrators at each end and terminate the cable into standard RJ45 Ethernet plugs. The wires are too thick to fit into the plugs we have on hand, though. Does anyone know of an RJ45-style connector that will work with the Fathom tether cable?

Thanks in advance!

I recently had the same issue where the insulation on the Fathom tether conductors doesn’t mate with an RJ-45 plug because the diameter is too large. I ended up terminating a COTS CAT5 cable to our Baromax underwater connector bulkhead.

Check out this post where the bulkhead cable in the enclosure could could be a standard CAT5 cable.
Easy BR tether disconnect

Have you tried CAT6 RJ45 connectors? CAT6 is one wire gauge larger.

I just tried one that I had, and it fits.

Matt_Suburbanmarine and k.deboer, thanks for your replies! With a bit of searching, we have found a number of RJ45 connectors that will accept the Fathom tether’s wires. Crimp-on ones with staggered wire channels and those with punch-down terminals seem like good bets.

Thanks again.

I use Metz Connect C6A, exists in both male and female. They can take the cable size. If anyone else is wondering. Metz Connect C6a Rj45 Field Plug Pro Ethernet 130e405032-e for sale online | eBay