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Can I use the Fathom Tether for Ethernet?


The product page for the Fathom tether says the twisted pairs are “arranged in the same fashion as a Cat5 networking cable”.

However, can this be used as a real ethernet cable? I cannot find a specification about the cable’s characteristic impedance.

I only run 10Mbit ethernet over short distances (15-40 metres) and would like to omit the Fathom-X board. Do you think this is possible?

Also, the cable is neutrally buoyant. Does this apply to salt water? In the case of fresh water, it would be slightly negatively buoyant (i.e. sinking), right? Which is desirable for my use case.

Thanks a lot!

Oh, and has anybody had any luck using the cable with waterproof connectors instead of potting right to the enclosure?