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Temperature Sensor reading "ovf"

Hey guys,

So my temperature sensor was working a few weeks ago, and then I bought the 5v-3.3v i2c converter because it was recommended on the site. When I run the program now, it just prints out “Temperature: ovf deg C”.

A continuity check showed that the vcc and ground were connected correctly, but there’s no connection between sda and scl on the conversion board.

My question is: is this an error in the board, or is my sensor fried?

The SCL/SDA on the shifter won’t show as continuous, because of the shifting circuitry inbetween.

Has the sensor ever worked? If you connected it to an arduino without a converter, then it is damaged.

Yes, the sensor printed out accurate temperature readings before we got the converter. So ovf is implying that the sensor isn’t sending data anymore because of the damages?

Did you connect it to an Arduino without a converter? If so the sensor is damaged. This may or may not explain the ovf readings. Can you show us the output?