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Bar30 not working correctly

Hi, I’ve been trying to connect to my arduino board but I’m getting only the error message. I bypassed that line in the code and my readings are:
Pressure: 36986596.00 mbar
Temperature: -2273.69 deg C
Depth: 378282.81 m
Altitude: -282744.53 m above mean sea level

I am using the Adafruit Feather M0 board and it says on the site that all logic is 3.3v so that should be safe for the sensor.
Thanks for any respons

We have been trying to get the celsius temperature sensor to work with with an arduino board but are only getting “ovf” as readings.
There board we are using is the Adafruit feather M0 LoRa which has a logic voltage of 3.3v, so that shouldn’t have affected the sensor.
We pulled out the calibration values from the library code and they all read 65535.
We are pretty much stumped and are starting to think that the sensor is broken somehow.
Any response is appreciated

These two issues are probably related (not a problem with the sensor). Can you please post a picture of how you have everything wired up?

We test all of the sensors before shipping them. I will get one of these m0 boards to verify the library on the 32 bit boards. We have only done our testing on the 8 bit AVR boards, do you have one of these and a level shifter to test?

We can of course give you an exchange if you believe the product was dead on arrival.

Ok, I see.
I have the wires just soldered on directly. We do not have a level shifter that I know of since we did not think one was needed. I will check around though.

Can you try hooking the sensor vcc into a 5V pin if there is one on that board?

The USB pin can supply 5v. I did that now, yet the results are the same I’m afraid.

Ok, I’ve got some feather boards on order. You can request a replacement from support@bluerobotics.com, but it is still not clear to me if this will actually resolve your problems. The fact that two different sensors are producing the same sort of results is … fishy.

You can say that again! I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while now with no luck. How long will it take for the feathers to arrive?

I am out of town until Monday. They should arrive by then.

Ok, so update. I hooked up the sensors to a raspberry pi via I2C and they seem to be working fine. So the sensors are not the problem. I’m going to try to figure out whats causing this to happen with the Adafruit feather boards.

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Ok, so I have the sensors working now. I always thought that the feather board had built in pull up resistors that you could activate. When I hooked up 10k resistors to the SCL and SDA pins I get good readings. Should be the same with the depth sensor.

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