Bar30 Pressure Sensor dead? :/

Hi guys! I have been working on several experiments with your pressure sensor for more than a year, without major problems.

However, recently it stopped working suddenly. At the beginning it seemed to be a communication failure, because when testing the example of your library, appeared the warnings of:

Init failed!
Are SDA / SCL connected correctly?
Blue Robotics Bar30: White = SDA, Green = SCL

But today I tried it again and only one line of “Starting” appears and then nothing else happens. What could be happening? When I touch the sensor I feel that it heats up more than before, will it be damaged? Do you have any suggestions?

I attached a picture of my circuit and my screen.
I’m using a bidirectional logic converter like this (Conversor), and a power supply for protoboards like this (Power).

Thank you in advance!!

Unfortunately, it sounds like the sensor may be damaged (the heating up part would indicate this is the problem). Check the voltage levels on all of your connections, and make sure they are what you expect. I recently had one of those very same breadboard supplies start putting out on 10V on the 3.3 rail when connected to a 12V supply.

Also, it looks like you’ve connected both the LV and GND on the logic converter to 3.3V. This is a problem.


It can be a lot of trouble to get these sensors to work with breadboard connections, especially with certain lower quality breadboards and jumper wires. You should try to solder, twist, or otherwise secure all of the connections as best as you can.

Thanks for your answer Jacob.

Yes, you were right! :sweat_smile: It was a mistake. Althoutgh, I corrected it and checked the voltage levels on all the conections, and the sensor is still not working. :sob:

What else can i do? Is yet a possibility to arrange a replacement or exchange? I bought it more than a year ago…

At least, could I change it for your Temperature sensor? I have bought you one of those and never used it.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Matias,

Sorry for the trouble! We would be happy to send a replacement, or an exchange, whichever you prefer. Would you mind sending me an email at I’d be happy to get this process rolling!

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Hi Elisa,

I really thanks you! :grinning:
I will send you an email very soon.