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Bar 30 sensor is not working

(Manthan Bhadiyadra) #1


I connected the sensor with the arduino uno board. It is giving the just giving me odd results. I am currently using it with the air. and it is giving me result like the following

Pressure: 36986596.00 mbar
Temperature: -2273.69 deg C
Depth: 378282.81 m
Altitude: -282744.53 m above mean sea level

Is this normal for the air?

Thank you

  • Manthan

(Jacob) #2

No this is not normal.

Can you please provide pictures of how you have everything connected?

(Manthan Bhadiyadra) #3

Hello Jacob,

I am attaching picture. I apologize about board it is arduino Mega 2560

(Jacob) #4

Can you tell me where you got that sensor module?

The sensor operates at 3.3V max, the arduino operates at 5V. If you do not have a level shifter, the sensor will be damaged after connecting it to the arduino.

These sensors are also very sensitive to loose wires and connections. Low quality breadboards or jumper wires can present unexpected problems here. You should solder or crimp as many connections as you can.

(Manthan Bhadiyadra) #5

I need to check about the manufacture of the module (somebody else from the company bought this so).

I connected it with 3.3 volt,as you can see in the circuit. Is it possible that loose cable might be giving me abnormal result?

Thank you

(Jacob) #6

The SDA and SCL lines are 5V on the Arduino, and the limitation applies here too.

(Jacob) #7

Yes, this is a very common problem because the sensors are so sensitive.

(Manthan Bhadiyadra) #8

Hy Jacob,

We bought it from the Servoflo Corporation.

I am not able to identify the sensor with the i2c detect software. I used the level shifter to convert voltage into 3.3 volt.

Do you think might be sensor is broken?

(Jacob) #9

Do you have a product link or documentation?


(Manthan Bhadiyadra) #10

I have data sheet which i found on their websitems5837-30ba (1).pdf (1.3 MB)

(Jacob) #11

This is the datasheet for a part mounted on the module. I am looking for information about the module that you bought.

(Manthan Bhadiyadra) #12

From that i just have a copy of invoice