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Bar30 pressure sensor does not seem to work

(Santhosh R) #1


I recently bought the bar30 pressure sensor from your website.

My setup uses an arduino nano with a logic level converter between the nano and the depth sensor. To test the sensor out, I uploaded the MS5837_Example.ino sketch from your library and found that the values read by the sensors were unrealistic and constant. Please look at the attached image for more info on this. I only changed the baud rate on this program and nothing else.

These readings were taken with the sensor in air. I am worried that the sensor is faulty. Please help me in solving this issue.

I even run your calculation test program and everything was fine, except that the temperature sensor read 19.80 instead of the recommended 19.81, which seems fine to me.



(Rusty) #2

Hi Santhosh,

These readings indicate that the sensor is not communicating with the Arduino. The crazy numbers are the output of the calculation equations when only zeros are inputted. I would suspect some connection issues. Can you please send a picture of your wiring setup for this testing?

If the sensor turns out to be damaged, we’ll be happy to replace it.


(Santhosh R) #3

Thank you Rusty.

Its difficult for me to post a picture as the wires run inside my ROV and the picture wouldnt make sense. I have attached the schematic though.

You are right. I just found that the logic level converter was not giving out voltage on the low voltage side and the 5V supply given to it from arduino is reading 4.75V. I will check on the logic level converter and get back.

(Santhosh R) #4

Phew, finally solved the issue.

I just realised my mistake. I did not give a 3.3v supply to the LV side of the logic converter. Once I did that, it started to work just fine. The 3.3v was given to it from the arduino.

A small suggestion, why don’t you include this logic converter into the sensor package itself. I see that a lot of people are having problems related to this.


(Rusty) #5


Glad you solved the issue. We are working on a logic level converter that will plug directly into the sensors. We originally had it included directly in the sensor design, but by doing so that made it incompatible with the Pixhawk autopilot. Supporting the Pixhawk was more important so we decided to leave it out.