30 Bar Pressure Sensor Giving Constant Values


So we are using the 30 Bar pressure sensor to measure depth only, and initially it was connected it directly to the ardiuno, via 5v, GND, SDA and SCL.

After reading the forum posts, I found that we needed a logic level converter, which I put in between the Adriuno and the Sensor.

Now all the readings of depth are a constant 350000 odd value. Unchanging.

I’d like to know if anyone has had any issues like this, or if the sensor has failed because we used it without the converter or if I should be using any pull up or pull down resistors

Thanks Guys


Hi Glen,

A value like this probably means that it’s not getting read at all. Can you share a picture of what your wiring looks like with the logic level converter?


Hi Rusty,

I’ve uploaded a circuit diagram of how I wired the Pressure Sensor.

Hi Rusty,

So current status update is that the sensor is not responding and is now heating up as soon as the programme runs.

I assume that initially using it without the converter must have already damaged the sensor.

The circuit is currently connected in the above configuration. (diagram in previous post)

Could you elaborate on the kinds of failure’s your team experiences with this sensor?


Hi Glen,

That wiring diagram looks correct. I think the sensor probably did get damaged during the previous connection.

We’ve had virtually zero failures on this product so I’m not too familiar with the failure modes. Heating up is definitely new and I’m not sure what would cause that.

Why don’t you send us an email at info@bluerobotics.com and we’ll figure out how to get you a new one to work with soon.