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Bar30 Pressure Sensor Using Labview

Hello to all, I am using the Bar30 pressure sensor on a sub ROV. Unlike many on this website, I am using a myRIO and coding in LabVIEW. My issue is that I have a working code that displays the correct temperature. However, the value for pressure (millibar) does not change when the ROV is placed in water. My VI shows that I am constantly receiving data, but the data does not change with respect to depth. Anybody out here good with LabVIEW or familiar with this situation? I will be happy to post code. This is my first time posting so please be gentle


This sounds like a bug your code. Please post your code.

The forum won't let me post anything since I am a new user :-( I will be glad to send in email. Sorry if that sounds sketchy


You can post in pastebin.com and share the link here.