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Temperature Sensor overflow error

Hey, we’re having trouble with the temperature sensor. We are using the TSYS01 sensor and when we run the code (libraries are installed) on to our Ardunio Uno. We couldn’t find a clear diagram of the set up, so we have power to 5v, GND to GND, SCL to digital 3, and SDA to digital 2.

When we run the program, the serial monitor spits out this error:

“Temperature: ovf deg C”

We looked around the forums and the solutions we found didn’t apply to our issue or didn’t work.

Hi @StockbridgeInvenTeam,

The setup for the Celsius or any other of our I2C sensors is the same as shown in the Bar30 guide. The sensor is hooked up to the wrong pins, the SDA and SCL pins are analog A4 and A5 respectively.

In addition, your sensor is not currently getting power, the selectable solder jumper for the sensor power has been left open on your I2C level converter. Bridge the center to the 5 V pad with some solder to provide 5 V power to the sensor. We normally set the default as 5 V here, but it looks like this one slipped through, sorry about that!