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(Michael Tilse) #83

Hi, I’m new to this software, setting up QGC for the first time and trying to follow the instructions.

When I try to set up the wireless connection of the companion computer on the network tab of, I cannot connect to my wireless network because it does not broadcast the SSID (Hidden SSID) and there is no option to connect to a hidden SSID wireless network. Can this be changed or how would I go about allowing the companion computer to connect to a hidden SSID network?
Thanks in advance,

Michael Tilse

(TCIII) #84


You should be able to access your router web page as as an admin and determine what your SSID is.

Or you could temporarily turn on your router’s SSID broadcast and then turn it off when you are done.


(Jacob) #85

There is no support for hidden networks at the moment. What you may try to do is change your router to broadcast the network like @tciii suggested. What is the companion version displayed on the system page?