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Software updates 15 April 2019

(Dietmar Pichler) #29

same for me :slight_smile:

(Jacob) #31

Thanks, I updated the instructions to uninstall first.

(Niko Nappu) #32

The Raspberry in our BlueROV2 does not recognize any wifi networks (wifi status: scanning). I don’t know why. Is there a way to do the updates through the tether?


I am only getting QGC GPU Compatability Mode or QGC GPU Safe Mode options not QGC. When I open it up in COmpatability Mode the camera doesn’t work, I just get a large red ArduSub logo…

Update: I was able to get it to work by reinstalling it and not moving the file from original install location.

(Niko Nappu) #34

Answering to myself. The wifi connection needs to be encrypted. If not encrypted the Raspberry does not recognize it. Now updating from the wpa2 encrypted connection from my phone…

(Willian Galvani) #35

Take a look at the installation folder. It is usually “C:/Program Files (x86)/QGroundControl”. Windows’ search is weird and sometimes does not show what you are looking for.

The Compatibility issue is known: https://github.com/mavlink/qgroundcontrol/issues/7113


I just made an update following your tuto, and now I cannot connect to my BlueRov2: doesn’t work anymore. I can ping but only TCP port 22 is open.
What operation could I make to reinit the Rov connection?
I use Ubuntu.
Thanks for your help

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7 posts were split to a new topic: Missing information in QGC instrument panel

(Patrick José Pereira) #38

Hi @bruno83,

Did you fix your problem ?


Hi @patrickelectric,
Not completly. I flashed the raspberry pi memory with the lastest version of it and now I can use the rov, but the port 2770 is not opened yet.
It is very strange!