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Auto-altitude control

Hello everyone,
I’m new to the ROV world, and I’m sorry if my questions are trivial but it’s difficult to understand where to start.

I would like to use a blueROV to track the bottom of the sea and maintains a fixed atitude, and I have some questions related.
First of all, is it easy to include a new sensors in the platform? Is QGC already structured for adding different types of inputs?
The second big question regards how to control the engine to keep the distance from the bottom fixed; is it already included a modality in which the upper motors can be “self-guided” while the lateral motor are still in charge of the land pilot?

Thank you, any help would be appreciated!

I would also like to know if altitude hold using a pinger is already implemented on ardusub and how to use it


This feature is currently being worked on. It will likely be implemented as a new mode analog to depth-hold.