Connect both Ping360 and Ping Sonar Altimeter

Hi, would it be possible to connect both Ping360 scanning imaging sonar and Ping Sonar Altimeter and Echosounder to BlueROV and display their feedback in ping-viewer at the same time?

Hi Thesim,

Yes it’s possible, but you’ll need to open a ping-viewer instance for each device. We do plan to support multiple devices using a single instance of ping-viewer in the future.

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Hi, adding to this thread since I think it’s relevant;
I managed to operate both ping360 and ping altimeter on the latest BlueROV2 we assembled with no issues.
I’m interested in displaying the reading from the altimeter in qgroundcontrol and if possible also using auto-altitude, is it possible or planned to be developed?

Hi @odedezra,

Good to hear - the functionality has been available since 2019, so I’d hope it was pretty stable by now :slight_smile:

Companion already sends DISTANCE_SENSOR messages (to QGC via the autopilot) as a fallback if Ping Viewer is not connected (handled here, in the pingmav service). BlueOS unfortunately does not yet have that implemented.

On the altitude hold front, that’s discussed a bit in these posts: