Ping Sonar Altimeter and QGroundControl 4.2.3

I have a Ping Sonar Altimeter works fine with pingviewer.
But how to show bottom distance in the new QGroundControl 4.2.3 and BlueOS?

Hi @an-ron,

Ping Sonar MAVLink integration (which allows QGC to show the values) is one of the few Companion software features not yet available in BlueOS. That said, the feature has been developed, and is undergoing final cleanup before it gets merged in to the master branch, and will most likely be available in a BlueOS beta release within the next week or two.

Are there any updates, has it become available in BlueOS now?

Hi, It should be available in latest beta.

make sure you set RNGFND1_TYPE to 10 (MAVLink) and RNGFND1_ORIENTATION to Pitch270 (down)

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Hello Willian

When i try to upgrade BlueOS i geet error. (see pictures)
Is it possible to upgrade BlueOS without reopening watertight enclosur again ?

Can’t find anything called RNGFND1_ORIENTATION.

I use these versions:
QGroundControl: 4.2.4
BlueOS Stable: 1.0.1
ArduSub Beta: 4.1.1
Ping Viewer: 2.3.4

Try rebooting and hopefully that error goes away. it happens somewhat randomly. You can also upload an image file. but rebooting should help.

Rebooting didn’t help,sow i use a tar image file to upgrade to 1.1.0-beta.15 it worked fine.

I had to activate MAVLink Distances in BlueOS,so it works now

Thank you :grinning: