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Ping Sonar - Use it with QGround Control?

Hello everyone,

I successfully managed to connect the Ping Sonar (from BlueRobotics) with our BlueROV2 and use it with the Ping Viewer program. My question is: Is it possible to see the value of the altitude inside the QGround Control?

I am trying to use a python code in order to keep a target attitude while in depth-hold mode but I am not sure that the Ping Sonar is used as an altitude source for the ArduSub. I suspect they are completely independent. That’s why we need the Ping Viewer, am I right?

I appreciate if you confirm this.



By opening GQround Control I noticed that in the RNGFND1_TYPE there is an option for: “BlueRobotics Ping”! Does this mean that is officially supported? I changed to this parameter, reboot the ArduSub but still rangefinder value is still unavailable inside Mission Planner/QGround Control.


I updated the Companion Computer to Ver. 0.028 and it’s working now!

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As you found, the Ping Sonar is already set up in companion to send values as a range finder. That’s the fallback option if Ping Viewer doesn’t try to connect to it, as can be seen in our software components docs :slight_smile:

Glad you managed to get this sorted out :slight_smile: