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Ground proximity hold

I am using QGroundControl on a BlueROV2 (Heavy config) and would like to know if it would be possible to keep the proximity from the ground (bottom of the water column) constant
I have a ping sonar attached integrated into the BlueROV2 and am able to view the depth with pingviewer, but have not managed to integrate pingviewer with QGroundControl

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Ping Sonar distance value is shown in QGround control Latest release as range finder.
Thank you

Thanks for your reply,
I wasn’t aware that these were the ping sonar values,
Do you know of a way to control the depth using the proximity to the ground instead of the depth from the surface

Hi, that was disabled because it was not reliable enough. The Ping1d can lock onto reflections and has a relatively slow response time due to the internal filtering.

To enable it, you will need to build a custom ardusub firmware with this commit reverted: