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Ping1D as a range finder, show value in Qgroundcontrol?

Continuing the discussion from Ping1D as a range finder, show value in Qgroundcontrol:

I also cannot see Ping1D Echosounder values in QGC.

I have:

  • Companion Computer Firmware v0.0.20
  • ArduSub v3.6.0 dev
  • QGC v.4.0.8

I can view Ping Echosounder measurements using Ping Viewer 2.1.0 just fine.

I have tried every option mentioned in this thread with no success, to view Ping Echosounder values on QGC.

Since there are multiple range finders (RNG defined RNGFNDR1-9 and RNGFNDRA, which one should I configure as MAVLink and which variable to select from QGC interface parameters?

Could you please share the parameter settings of ArduSub for displaying Ping Echosounder measurements in QGC v4.0.8?

Best Regards.

I have Uncommented a line in /companion/.companion.rc to enable Ping1D as a range finder, and depth values are shown in QGC in “Forward” parameter.

@jwalser Should I expect crazy behavior in depth hold? or is it fixed in ArduSub v3.6.0dev?

Best Regards.

Depth hold (depth being the distance from the surface to the ROV) relies on a barometer, I assume you’re referring to altitude hold (altitude being the distance from the ROV to the seafloor). I’m in the process of testing altitude hold with a Ping1D myself, but as I’ve understood from the reverted commit linked below, the behavior from the Ping1D locking onto reflections is a bit erratic. Depending on how susceptible your use situation is to reflections this may or may not be problematic.

Hi @FerdiCakmak,

Check the 0.0.21 companion update post. I advise you to use Ardusub 4.0 to get that working (the integration script doesn’t work with older versions to avoid the erroneous altitute-hold behavior).

Hi @williangalvani so is it possible to use the Ping1D to follow the terrain now? so Alt Hold instead of Depth Hold? if so what parameters need to be changed to turn this feature on? we get alot of requests for this feature.