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Software Testing out of Water?

So I’m currently working on a piece of python software that will use the GPS to run a grid survey for my BlueROV2. Any ideas on how to test this software out of the water? I’m assuming there isn’t but it’d be nice to be able to at least run some simulations or something on my work bench before I load everything up and go over to the pool (access is a little tricky). I’m guessing there isn’t but figure I’d ask!


There is software in the loop (SITL) simulation available for ArduSub. It’s the same code that runs on the autopilot, but instead you run it on your computer. It’s not perfect, but it’s very useful for this sort of development.

Have a look at the ardupilot docs (I don’t have any tutorial for ArduSub specifically) and visit our gitter to learn more.

Excellent! I’m dedicating my day tomorrow to really diving into the docs and getting a much more thorough understanding of the software side of things. Thanks for the direction!