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Slew Rate for motor commands

(Ferit Çakıcı) #1

Hello everyone,

I have tested slew rate feature in Ardusub_v3.5.3, by setting MANUAL_SLEW_RATE parameter in different modes…

In MANUAL mode, slew rate limiting works as expected by limiting the change in the motor pwm commands according to MANUAL_SLEW_RATE parameter value.

For STABILIZE and DEPTH_HOLD modes, MANUAL_SLEW_RATE parameter seems to be ineffective and controller applies pwm commands as fast as I change Joystick commands.

What do you think of the problem?
Best wishes.

(Jacob) #2

This is the expected/intended behavior. It is only applied in manual mode, thus the MANUAL_ prefix

(Ferit Çakıcı) #3

Hello Jacob,

It would be great to have slew rate functionality, in other modes (STABILIZE and DEPTH_HOLD modes) to minimize current transients on ESCs and motors. Is there any other parameters to achieve this functionality?


(Jacob) #4

You can reduce the gains of the stabilization controllers. Look for ATC_RAT_PIT and ATC_RAT_RLL and POS_Z parameters. There is not anything in place to limit the output on the forward/lateral channels, however.