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Setting up test computer

I am running this on my test setup and using the image from the link from this thread.

I am currently trying to work out what
system(‘screen -S mavproxy -p 0 -X stuff “param set GPS_TYPE 14^M”’)
from nmea_receiver.py incase I need to set something before trying to send data.

I will read the link to the code you have just sent.

This is all a learning process for me so I can understand the nuts and bolts of the system

I am trying to use this in C++.

I have no problem doing this in python but want to have the data control from within a C++ program I am working on. I only have a basic level of python programming skills much more comfortable in C/C++

I’m giving you the best level of technical assistance I can provide. I cannot tell you how to write your program in c++. The existing program running on the Pi side is python, and I was just informing you how that works, and giving you some suggestions on how to debug things in your current situation. It is fine to write your client in c++, but the server, as it stands, is the python program I directed you to.

And you advice is much appreciated

Let us know if you get stuck again.