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Setting up QGroundcontrol with Pixhawk and Standard Package


(peter@demonrobots.com.au) #1


When flashing a BlueROV2 (with standard pack) pixhawk firmware by connecting qgroundcontrol directly to the pixhawk Qgroundcontrol creates a ‘vehicle 12’. Afterwards when connecting the vehicle via the fathom s boards and the tether Qgroundcontrol connects to a ‘vehicle 1’. Is this normal, at times Qgroundcontrol seems to get confused over which vehicle to connect to as both vehicle 1 and 12 persist and at time . both seem to connect simultaneously. It seems to be causing issues for us - any ideas?

(Jacob) #2

Are you running MAVProxy, or mission planner or any other Ardupilot software on your computer? What version of QGC are you using?

(peter@demonrobots.com.au) #3

I’m only running qgroundcontrol - it’s the same with version 3.1.2 and the latest stable 3.1.3. The kit was shipped to us in early January. An earlier post made me think that formatting the SD card in the Pixhawk might make a difference, but I still have the same issue. Now when it connects QGC informs me that it is connected to vehicle 12, followed by vehicle 1. It seems to remain connected to both, but only vehicle 1 contains any parameters.

(Jacob) #4

Can you try flashing the Pixhawk APM Copter, and let me know if you see the same behavior then? Then flash it back to Sub and let me know if it is still happening.

(peter@demonrobots.com.au) #5

I’ll do that when I can take it off line again. It’s working now but still with that issue. Thanks for your help - I’ll let you know.