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Seaweed deflector

(Bryan D.) #21

@Spally - These are great! Thanks for posting them. They look great on my BlueROV.


(Spally) #22

Look good. Have you found much loss in performance?

(Steve Mandel) #23

These are wonderful and I’d like to get a couple of them made. But, they seem to have expired from the Dropbox links or something. Can you refresh them or send them to me? it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


(Tim Pierce) #24

In the event you can’t get ahold of that one, try this one. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1498338

(Spally) #25

Due to me seeing my guards on a commercial project without permission, I have removed the links. If you want the files, please PM me and I will send them to you.

(Kevin) #26

Shoot, that’s a bummer. Thanks for making them available when you did, they totally saved my project. I’m looking forward to seeing your future projects and hopefully you’ve had some sales on the USV you designed and built.

@piercet How was the fit on T200s with your guards? Due to the larger motor, I thought the mount came out a bit more than the T100, leaving a bit of a gap between the guard and the duct?

(Tim Pierce) #27

Seems to fit ok to me, I can always extend the ring back further if necessary since that one is my design.

(Jens Kristian Henriksen) #28

May I have your nice seaweed reflector.

For our project I both design and 3D-print most of our equipment my selves :slight_smile: My printer is Rostock Max V3. I use AutoCad.

We will use the T200 with blue ESC. If you could send me the stl- or DAK-file.
Thank you and God bless :slight_smile:

I’m building up a company (ecofang as) that will harvest sea urchins, all remotely. But no income yet, just expenses. We are still in production of the high tech equipment. We’re located in Norway.

PS I don’t see how to pm in here…?

(Rusty) #29

Hi Jens,

Thanks for the message. I think the PMing ability only becomes available after contributing to a number of posts. It’s a method to avoid a spammer from signing up and sending lots of messages.


(Jessica Duncan) #30


I’m also interested in your seaweed reflector for our project. Is there any way for me to have access to the stl files???


(Spally) #31

Which model?

(Jessica Duncan) #32

The T100 without blue ESC.


I ordered deflektor from 3dhubs, and after receved it relalized it has a big gap:

I’d also like to buy deflector or receive STL.

(Tim Pierce) #34

That’s the older version of it, the newer one has a bit more gap fill, but I wonder if the T200’s are just taller than what I was measuring. Try one of these https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2263452 if that doesn’t work, let me know and I can increase the ring depth.

(Jacob) #35

The T200s are taller than the T100, was your design for a T100?

(Tim Pierce) #36

the original one was for sure, I think the second one was test fit on the same motor. I have a T200 as well, but its on the ROV. The good news is extending the ring back is easy.

(Zo) #37

Hi there,

Would it be possible to get the stl for printing the deflectors please? We’re using both T100’s and T200’s without blue ESC for student projects here at Bath University.

Kind regards

(Spally) #38

I have sent you a PM

(Davy Thomas) #39

hey Spally,

could you pm me the stl for the t200 deflector? the pond where I do my sailing, has had an explosion of weeds, making it very frustrating for me.


(Asmaa Bahaa ) #40

Hi spally can you send me stl files of mesh for T100 thruster ?