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Seaweed deflector

(Dykteknik Hjalmar Odenstig) #41

Hi, do someone have the stl file for the t200 truster? Thinking of building a underwater vehicle for draging a diver under water. And this whod be perfect as a intake protection for the trusters.

Best regards hjalmar

(Jacob) #42

The stl can be found on the product page.

(Dykteknik Hjalmar Odenstig) #43

Hi jacob.
Is that stl file a 3d modul of the truster or the truster intake guard?

(Christian) #44

…anyone know how much power you loose, and what you gain in difference? …i see the advantages with plastic propeller and cheap ones… they are the “weaklink” if you get caught(in rope or fishline)… but with the guards i guess it will be moore difficult to rip the ROV loose? …just a theory out of experience?..maby you will destroy moore than you will gain?