Running out of penetrator holes

Great product specs Rusty. I am hoping that there is a solution to running out of penetrator holes for all modules??
Standard 14 hole end cap
8 for heavy thruster
1 bar 30
1 lumen
1 battery
1 tether
1 vent
1 fast response temp
Hey its full n would love to run gripper and some future sensors.
Am i wrong?

@kaosrulz Thanks, glad you like the gripper! We know the 14 hole end cap is a limitation, so we’ll be working on a solution down the road, but we don’t have anything immediate.

@kklemens thanks for the update.
Has anyone else got ideas to solve this problem as this will be the limiting factor for sensors needed in near future


I want to bet money that a 2F will be available in a not to distant future as well :slight_smile:

Will there be add-ons to this this grabber, like a rope cutter ?

Noticed the same config problem.
I will probably have to splice the two new “heavy” motors into a single four wire cable and hopefully able to epoxy and fit it into a penetrator.
Give up the Temperature sensor.
Any ideas on a combined Temperature and Pressure sensor in one penetrator?
May have to think about using I2C for the motors into ONE junction box then have one cable out to the rear hull penetrator. BUT…I read that the I2C is a little flaky to use for control vice the more responsive PWM.
don’t think another hole would fit even with a new rear hull configuration.
Keep up the great work!
btw…I STILL need to put my ROV2 in the water, but you folks keep coming out with MORE stuff I HAVE to buy!

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To overcome this, ended up running the tether into the battery housing, and building a custom cable into the main housing that included 2 pairs of 24 AWG in addition to the #12 AWG battery leads. One pair for the controller, and the second pair for a leak detector probe.
This freed up a hole in the main housing for a gripper.

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Thinking about milling a 4"x 4" x 2" aluminum box with gaskets and bolts.
Then mount the temperature and depth sensor on the box and run a dedicated I2C bus back to the main rov.
This frees up one hole and allows for future I2C devices and sensors.

The Bar30 records pressure and temperature, it just has lower accuracy in temperature readings than the Celsius sensor.

I2C is not designed to operate over long lengths of wire, so be mindful of that when considering such modifications.

I am presently building an SJB (Subsea Junction Box) which will add 7 ethernet channels and 8 relays.

This will address 2 issues, the lack of penetrators, addressing joystick buttons from 16-32.

I already configured the software to do this:


I am waiting on some components to finalize the product.

With the extra ethernet channels you will be able to add pretty much anything from RS232/485 equipment, more relays, PWM channels, Analog input/outputs…

I’ll post the results in the build section.



I just use one penetrator per two thrusters for all of my 8 thrusters. Havent had any issues, but havent been very deep.

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