Right angle penetrators

Hi guys,

You know me, always the ideas man.

It would be good to get some right angle penetrators.

This would allow a more tidy cable job and also allow to clear the cables for the rear facing camera build…

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Hi Etienne,

We always appreciate the suggestions! I do think right angle penetrators would be neat. We’d have to work out the design to allow the wires to bend safely.

The jacket extending into the penetrator is pretty important for the sealing so the right angle part might have to extend quite a bit to allow for that.


I think this would be acceptable.

Alternatively it could be a bulkhead in the middle of the enclosure so we could mount the straight convectors there.

Along the same lines here is a rough idea I have been working on… It’s a machined spacer that goes between a 4" enclosure endplate and the o-ring flange. This version is designed to use with a 14-hole endplate to provide four extra penetrators radially. Only four because of interferences with the buoyancy foam and ROV structure, but without those constraints it could maybe accommodate four more for a total of eight. The spacer is 48mm thick and designed to use m3x60mm screws.

Rusty, what do you think… future product?

Radial Penetrator Block1 Tim_PacNW.pdf (19.3 KB)

Nice one. This is what I had in mind but on the 3 inch housing in the middle in between two short tubes which would allow the addition of two domed cameras.

That would be useful too. The new domes are great and open up some nice camera options. With the addition of some radial penetrator options and mid-tube flanges like you mentioned, the BR enclosures would be like the ultimate subsea Legos.

We’ve been thinking about both the radial penetrator add-on and the mid tube section for quite a while. We’re starting to run low on penetrators for the ROV so these may be the next option to get a few more penetrators.

The mid-tube section method is used by a lot of AUVSI RoboSub teams and it works really well to provide a lot of space, balanced design, and good access to everything.


Hi Rusty, any progress towards this? I am trying to decide right now if it’s worth the expense of having a custom solution fabbed…