Running out of penetrators

With the BlueROV heavy, we are left with only one spare penetrator access in the end cap. This is a problem when there is more than one more accessory still to be installed.

Has anyone come up with (and implemented) a good solution for this? I would like to see what you have done.

I have connected additional tubes to a vehicle, and use a single cable to carry comms between the two tubes. Then, the spare tube has another 13 penetrators available.

Another option would be to machine another endcap with more penetrators.

Thanks Jacob. Both are options which I have considered.

End cap would be ideal but I see that quickly becoming expensive for me as an individual, dealing with with custom cnc, anodizing, pressure testing, and then potential for a failed experiment and starting at square one again. I hope to see such a thing in your store one day, as nicely engineered as all your other gear.

Looks like a franken-ROV with extra tubes is where this is headed.