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18 hole end cap not fitting

(Grant Farrow) #1

I have fitted all 18 pentrators (4 of which are blanks) to end cap but they seem to be touching side of water tight enclosure. How can it slide into position when the pentrator nuts are quite a bit preventing end cap to be fitted?

(Grant Farrow) #2

Ok, I think is I don’t use the red nuts on the outer rim pentrators, is that correct?

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(Matt) #3

Hey Grant

No need to use the red penetrator nuts on the outer threaded holes mate.

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(Grant Farrow) #4

Cool, thanks Matt :+1:

that’s what I thought after reviewing the 18 hole end. Would have been nice to get a heads up prior though to save repeating the major fit out.




Did you order it from the website? They do show it fully loaded with no nuts on the outer ring. Still a bummer to have to disconnect it all.

(Grant Farrow) #6

Yes I did and yes eventually realised after going to several option LEARN sections. For newbies like me and having optioned up, it would have been nice to get a heads up rather than start all over again. Oh well, the positives are I’m getting to know the ROV pretty well :+1:. Txs for the reply