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Battery enclosure end caps coming off

We swam our bluerov2 yesterday for an hour or so in shallow water (< 30 ft). When we removed the rov from the water, we noticed the battery enclosure end cap was almost completely off. The 2nd o-ring was at the edge of the enclosure.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions for keeping the end cap secured to avoid flooding the battery?

@sbmech17, was it the front or rear endcap? Was the battery particularly hot?

It’s the rear endcap. Battery definitely warms up quite a bit. We are using the bluerobotics 18Ah lipo from your store and do have some trouble fitting the battery into the enclosure.

Hey @sbmech17

Try to put some silicone grease on the rear endcap and the orings, fit your battery properly inside of the enclosure and make sure the endcap is fitted properly before bringing it to the water. Sometimes my endcap is a little bit out of its place but after I do the vacuum test it fits to its place.

Thanks @luisgamez.

We have been trying to keep the o-rings greased up and ended up replacing the o-rings with brand new ones. I think it happens when the ROV pitches back and forth a lot during flight. We had some inexperienced pilots flying it around (customers). I backfilled the battery cable coming into the enclosure with more marine epoxy. Hopefully this solves our problem!


This is what we need. Would feel a lot better if we secured the enclosure with hardware next time we go out. Thanks for sharing!

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