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Getting assemled the 4 " Aluminium enclosure without breaking the seals?

(Christian) #1

…any tips?.. fell like its gonna brake the seals?.. dont want to use a hammer;D

(Harold Scadden) #2

Do you have a vent plug installed in one of the end plates? The o-ring race is going to be air tight and you could stand on it without the pieces mating. If you don’t have a vent plug, I highly suggest that everyone install one to allow installation / removal of the end plates. Makes life MUCH easier.

(Luis Gamez) #3

My way was to remove the dome, put some wood with a hole in the middle to avoid damaging the camera and somebody was pushing the enclosure against the wall, by my side I had a gum end hammer and hitted on the sides maybe 3 to 4 times.

But yes its really difficult to do it alone.

(Jonathan) #4

Hi Christian,

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your 4 inch enclosure. We had a batch of flanges that the o-ring grooves were not deep enough that we did not catch until it was too late. If you can email us your order details at support@bluerobotics.com or me at jonathan@bluerobotics.com, we can get some replacements sent out ASAP.



(Christian) #5

Got it fixed :wink: … a Bit tight but i like that :wink: …and å lot of lube :wink: TNX guys ;)…and all my bodyweight :wink:

(Christian) #6

…soon time for testing :wink:

(Christian) #7

…Stuck again:(( can you please send me one so i can do a wet test soon:(( …this is wrong… the battery goes like tooo easy, but this i get it to the first o ring then its stuck:(((…tried a hammer even now :frowning:

(Christian) #8

ive sendt you a mail :frowning:

(Christian) #9

…aaaa im stressed out here now…is it the tube or the o ring flanges that are wrong? …was ready for wet test tomorrow :frowning:

(Christian) #10

bec if its the flange i have to get a new bottle…its the side where the connectors are?

(Svein H.) #11

you can try to preheat the tube and use the vacuum pump when you install it.

(Christian) #12

Ikkke dumt i det Hele tatt …Tnx :wink: …litt vakum hjelper nok litt i det minste :wink:

(Christian) #13

Svein H is the Man,Tnx… offf begynte å bli varmt i toppen nå;D …I GOT IT !;)…wet test next i hope…KNOCK ON WOODS :wink: