How do i open the bottom battery tube?

Bought an ROV a couple years ago and just starting to get it going now. I’m assuming they share common parts across manufacturers. The Vendor will not respond to emails and Blue Robotics wont either (even though i told them I am interested in buying a gripper arm off them-guess I’ll keep my money). I am trying to open the battery tube and it doesnt budget. I have removed the bottom air vent screw but the cap doesnt come off. Tried pulling it and turning it and it doesnt budge. How do I get it off?

Losen two of the screws holding the lid (plate where the penetrators sits on)
(Losen two that are on the opposite of each other)
Find two new screws that are longer, then screw them in and use them as a puller/pusher.
Turn them equal, about one turn one each and the cap will come off.

Hi @rovcanadian, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Our BlueROV2 Assembly Guide specifies the following if removing our 4" electronics enclosure end cap is difficult:

Our 3" Flange has similar slots (and yes, that vehicle is using our enclosures), so the same reasoning applies. @Boko’s suggested approach should also work :slight_smile:

I checked in our (Blue Robotics’) email system, and you emailed us this weekend. While we would love it if we could respond to every question instantly, our support team consists of three people, and we all have roles beyond just answering questions (e.g. writing guides and documentation, making examples, testing products and software, etc).

Given that context, two working days without a response is perhaps a little unfair before making a public post that our company “will not respond to emails”, but I can’t speak for you or your expectations. If you genuinely feel that wait is too long for a support request then I’d be interested to know what you would consider reasonable from our part, and I can bring that up for internal discussion.

For your reference, your email was assigned to someone roughly 16 hours ago, and they apparently didn’t get around to answering that afternoon. Presumably you’ll receive a response some time today, during working hours in California.

Thank you for responding. I suppose I was frustrated with the vendor and took it out on you. Your auto email response had mentioned 24 hour response time so after waiting 2 business days I assumed the worst.

If you recognize the enclosure, do you know if your gripper arm will work with it? The ROV is from Nido Robotics. They charged me a couple thousand dollars and can’t even respond to an email after a week. Should have just bought myself a Blue ROV.

I believe this has been responded to via email now, but given both their ROV pages specify that they use ArduSub the setup is likely sufficiently similar that you should essentially be able to follow our Newton Gripper Installation Guide :slight_smile: