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Having a single 3" end-cap shared between Battery enclore and ROV Power Supply Enclosure for OTPS

Hi there,

I want to be able to choose quickly between a battery-powered and an OPTS-powered BlueROV2. To avoid fiddling with the penetrators on the 4" enclosure, when I want to replace the OPTS by the battery, would it possible to:

  • Reuse the End cap from the “ROV Power Supply Enclosure for OPTS” onto the “Battery enclosure”
  • Plug my fathom tether (terminated by a micro connector 8-pin) on the 8-pin bulkhead connector of the repurposed end cap
  • Put a 3-pin dummy plug on the unused power bulkhead connector



Hi Eloi-

The hot swap is a neat idea! You could even work out away to make the 3" tube clamp on the ROV bottom use a quick release?

I say this, because the encdap on and OPTS BROV2 is not intended to be removed - it’s actually bolted shut, no amount of pulling on the end-cap will remove it!
However, if you setup a tube with connectors to pass on power from the battery to the 4" enclosure, you should be able to swap fairly easily?

Good luck! It must be an interesting application that’s driving your desire to have the same ROV operate indefinitely or only for limited periods, but with the same tether…