End cap replacement of power supply enclosure

Hi all,

I would like to replace ROV power supply enclosure “R1” end cap for OTPS. In this version, power and tether cables have moulded penetrators. Based on my past experiences and readings through web; these moulded penetrators already have a bad reputation with leakage problems. This is why i would like to upgrade mouldings into wetlink penetrators but the problem is, i am going to need an extra hole on the end cap for double power cable connection with wetlink penetrators.

But I’m not sure the wetmate connectors will fit into the holes on the new 7-hole 3" end cap. I already have checked Seacon technical specs but couldn’t have found anything useful.

I would appreciate if you can lead me with any kind of your ideas. Thank you!

Hi @Zafer, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

SubConn Micro Circular bulkheads with 2-8 contacts use a 7/16" thread (~11.1mm diameter), which is indeed too large to fit through the 10.2mm holes in our end caps.

Beyond that, the ROV Power Supply Enclosure contains power electronics that are used for high voltages, so unless you’re trained to work with high voltages it’s not recommended to open or modify that enclosure.

Given it’s a custom end-cap, there’s likely not much we (Blue Robotics) can do to help. Perhaps @Outland can provide some suggestions on possible courses of action.

Hi @EliotBR ,

Thank you for the valuable information. In these conditions, it seems like pretty much work to replace end cap and moulded penetrators to avoid leakage. I will consider different solutions.

The newer versions of the power supply bottle come with wetlink connectors, rather than the molded type.
Also, This power bottle is much different than the rest of Blue Robotics components, you should not open or modify these products in any way. It can be a safety and reliability hazard. It will also void your warranty.

Is there any wetlink penetrator upgrade options or kits available for older versions like R1? @Outland

Sure, we could upgrade it. Send an email to “sean@outlandtech.com” and he will send a quote.