Acrylic end cap depth rating when equipped with penetrators

Hi! We are considering using a connector of stainless steel on a watertight enclosure, which could be risky on a BlueRobotics aluminum end cap because of corrosion issues.

A possible solution is laser-cutting a couple of penetrator holes in a BlueRobotics acrylic end cap, but another team member was very concerned with the depth rating/integrity of the end cap being decreased by this. What do you think, is it inadvisable to do this and expect the same depth rating? Anyone that have tried this?

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Hi Fred,
we have the exact same problem right now. Due to the major corrosion issue by using the aluminium end cap we want to replace it by the acrylic version or maybe by an own built POM plate to put in about 15 Subconn connectors in the 8’’ version. This results in a very perforated end cap that we are not sure can withstand the pressure.

I hope that you will get a helpful answer to your question, which will certainly help me as well. :slight_smile:

Best regards, Johann

Hi Johann! Appreciate that you added to my post here.

Since my concern was a galvanic reaction between the stainless steel connector and aluminum endcap, we ended up switching to a aluminum Subconn connector, which limited our connectivity/equipment options somewhat.

A custom POM plate could be a nice solution! We’ve done this with a large POM dome endcap (8 holes), which improves the pressure it can withstand, though it is considerably more complex to machine. I believe you could also increase the plate’s thickness and forgo using the inside nut on the Subconn connectors.

I am still very interested in any input for the original question though. :smile: