Custom end cap holes - re-anodize?


The endcaps of the BR watertight enclosures are open to customization for many types of projects. I love this, but lately I’ve been thinking about what way it is best to go about customizing these, and if it necessary to anodize after custom machining. Very interested to listen to any prior experiences on the matter.

Take an example where you want custom holes for e.g. Subconn bulkheads. One option is to purchase a blank endcap (aluminum) and drill/machine the desired holes, then use it as is. In this scenario the holes have exposed aluminum, have any of you had bad experiences with this (bound to have some water ingress over time)? The thing is, if I want to anodize it to protect that exposed part, I guess that it would be simpler to custom machine the entire endcap from scratch, and then anodize the entire cap. What is your opinion, what is most practical?

Appreciate any input!

If your just drilling a new hole and installing a bulkhead, and the bulkhead o-ring seals on the anodized face of the endcap, then there should be no issue with corrosion. Hopefully there is no water ingress!
I have been running a few endcaps exactly this way for a long time and no issues. No leaks either.