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Creating a custom 4" End Cap

(Ryan) #1

Hello All!

Thanks to everyone at the BR team for all the hard work and tools you have provided us all!

I was hoping you might be able to provide a 2D file (.DWG) of the Clear Acrylic end caps that you have for the 4" ROV housing? I am looking to cram as many fittings as possible into the housing… so I will likely go through Pololu and use their laser cutting service… Problem is… I only have AutoCAD 2000 (old… i know…) to work with.

Would anyone be able to provide this file?




(Ryan) #2



(Rusty) #3

Hi Ryan!

You must have found the DXF files we have available.

For anyone else who’s interested, here’s the link to the DXF file: http://docs.bluerobotics.com/watertight-enclosures/4-series/#making-custom-end-caps


(Ryan) #4

Hey Rusty,

Yup! Found it! Thanks!

(Joe) #5

Hi Rusty!
Can you provide a 2D file (.DWG) of the 6" end caps? Thanks.

(Adam) #6

Hi @Joe,

Attached are both .dxf and .dwg 2D files of the 6" blank end cap with no penetrator holes.


WTE6-P-END-CAP-R1.DWG (266.7 KB)