Enclosure Edge Sharpness

With our pressure testing issues we’ve had to remove and reinstall the end caps on the enclosure a number of times. As part of this is the tight press to get the tube over the o-rings and concern with cutting them in the process.

Is there any issue with slightly sanding the inside lip of the tube to remove the sharp squared edge to assist with installation or would this be a bad idea? Thinking it would make it easier for the tube to start over the o-ring without such a sharp edge. Only thinking of taking the slightest amount off with fine sand paper.


No issues at all, in fact I recommend you sand the edge and perhaps add a small bevel on the inside edge.

Thanks! I assumed it would be fine, didn’t see any reason it would be a problem but figured I’d ask those that have gone done the path before :slight_smile:

@schoonerlabs - We don’t normally sand the inside edges and we haven’t had any issues with O-ring damage, but it’s definitely not a bad idea. I think it will ease with installation of the tube as well.