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Have you considered this?

(Richard) #1

@Rusty-Have you considered putting a slight chamfer to the WTE tube internal edge to allow a smoother insertion of the end cap past the ‘O’ rings. Sometimes I feel like it is going to nick or tear the ‘O’ ring.


(Paul) #2

Agreed, but this is easily fixed on your own. I wrapped some medium grit sandpaper around a big dowel and a couple of passes around the inside edge rounded it enough to minimize the risk of damaging the o-ring. While you’re at it, and depending how rough the cut edge is, you might want to clean up the butt edge of the cylinder as well. I put a sheet of fine grit sand paper on a flat surface (my desk) and gave both ends a some passes. The edges don’t have to be polished, just clean and without sharp or rough edges.

(Richard) #3

Yes, I agree that is one solution, and one I will probably end up using. Interesting to hear how Rusty approaches this. Ideally, a 45 deg plug with sand paper attached to the sides could be rotated a few turns and cleanly take off the edge.

(Rusty) #4

Richard and Paul,

I agree that this is probably a good idea and well worth doing with a bit of sandpaper. However, we have opened/closed enclosures many many times without any damage to the O-rings. As long as you have a film of silicon grease to lubricate them it seems to be fine.