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Blue robotics penetrator long time durability / corrosion resistance

(Magnus) #1

Hi guys.
I wonder if someone who have used the penetrators for a long time could comment on how they hold up to corrosion?
I notice the anodizing is very thin, and I am worried that corrosion will creep between the penetrator wall and epoxy, or that the O-ring faces no longer will be smooth and start leaking.
Im thinking about using this for a project where they will be submersed in seawater constantly.

Any pictures?

(Kaos) #2

Been splashing mine in seawater for months. Have no issues with corosion as I wash it down with fresh water afterwards.
Great piece of kit and support to go with it, so feel confident about yr project.

(Magnus) #3

Thank you for your feedback.

Its quite different to be submersed in water an hour or two, and then rinsed off in freshwater, than to be submersed in salt water for months at the time. Anyone else who have used these for longer periods of time under water?

(Jonathan) #4


We had an enclosure of ours in salt water at a depth of 50 meters for about 3 months earlier this year. There were no leaks and the anodizing was still in one piece, although it was lighter in color. 6000 series aluminum is also pretty resistant to salt water corrosion on its own without anodizing.

What I would be more concerned about for long term submersion is galvanic corrosion. Will you have any other metals besides aluminum around the penetrators? Aluminum is pretty anodic so it will lose material pretty quickly in the presence of more cathodic metals.