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ROV Science Project - 8th Grade

(Wayne Holtzclaw) #1

Last year (7th grade), my daughter designed and built an ROV - “For inland water observation and conservation”; this was based on the Harry Bohm book. The purpose of the ROV was to take water samples at depth (we have been having a big problem with algae blooms). We also incorporated two cameras, one for forward observation, and the other to monitor our “test” station (included a pressure gauge to monitor depth and water sampling via syringe. She was quite successful, placing 1st in her school fair and 2nd in the district fair. This year she took it up a notch, and incorporated the BlueROV components. She also designed a new water sampling station using PVC pipe and solenoid valves to take water samples.

I am please to announce that it was a great success. I’d like to thank everyone who helped her reach her goals with the tech support here.

I will keep you posted as to her progress through the school and science fair (STEM) competitions.

(Rusty) #2


This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I’d love to hear about the progress as you use this more.