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Survey about inspection system attatchment for blue robotics ROV project

Hi all! I am a student at Washington State University and we are working on a project where we design something to improve the base model’s inspection system.

One of our assignments is to get some feedback on our rough concepts and it would be great to get some feedback about our design from blue robotics community members. I have attached a link for a survey about our design, we appreciate every response we get.

Hi @amphibian, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’ve had a quick look through your survey and I’d suggest a few changes/things to review before people start responding to it:

  • “Rover” is not the same thing as “ROV” - usually rovers are ground-based vehicles whereas ROVs are “remotely operated (underwater) vehicles”

  • The first page mentions:
    “we are working on a project for Washington State University designing a third-party Blue Robotics Inspection System Set that’s hopefully lower-cost and easy to use.”
    Lower cost than what? Should this be “low cost”, or is the inspection system supposed to replace some component of the existing BlueROV2 system? (If so, what’s potentially being replaced?)

  • It doesn’t seem possible to get past page 2 (Current Student) if you select one of the “student” options, but both “Non-student” options work

  • In your concept sketches it’s a bit unclear which direction the sonar is pointing in, and it’s not obvious what the sensor housing is mounted onto, or how the sensor readings would be stored (or communicated to the ROV electronics).
    It may be worth making a 3D CAD model to make the display clearer - if it’s helpful most of our products have 3D models available on their product pages, so for example the Ping Sonar could be directly imported into your own model :slight_smile:

  • It’s difficult to evaluate the camera extension/retraction idea without knowing what kind of distance you’re expecting it to travel, and it’s unclear if the “camera neck roll” is enclosed or wet

  • Is the question “Do you currently/previously own this product or a similar product?” referring to our BlueROV2, or to your proposed “inspection system set”? Presumably it’s not possible to currently own a hypothetical product

Thanks for your feedback! We have fixed the things you mentioned and added some clarification. I’d love to provide some CAD models, but unfortunately we have an extremely limited time frame for this survey because of the assignment deadline.

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