ROV config files

Hi all,

Just trying to understand the Ardusub/QGC relationship. I have just setup QGC on a new computer, plugged the already configured (ie sensors calibrated and joystick mapped) ROV in and the only thing I need to redo is the joystick mapping. So am I right in that all the sensor calibration is stored on the Pixhawk (or is it on the Pi?), and that the joystick mapping is stored locally on the PC within QGC?


Yes, the sensor calibration is on the Pixhawk, and the joystick mapping is on QGC.

Everything that you see in the parameters section is stored on the Pixhawk. Most of the vehicle setup stuff that is performed in QGC (joystick calibration being the exception) is actually applied by changing ArduSub parameters in the background. The Joystick button function settings are stored on the Pixhawk, unlike the axis mappings which are stored in QGC.

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