Relay integration with the navigator board


Recently I was playing with moving a machine from the pixhawk to the navigator board, but during the switch I noticed that I could not get the relay parameter for the navigator board (at least as far as I can tell, QGC only shows support for the pixhawk and bb blue on the relay parameters). Now unfortunately for me, this was important to actuating on and off a board I am sending the signal to, since the minimum pwm doesn’t turn off the board when using servo_function.

Is there any way to emulate the relay function with the navigator board or get the relay parameters to work with the navigator board?

Noticed how the hardware page for new Navigator mentioned how relays are not supported yet but coming soon. Just curious if we have a expected date for relay integration?

I’m not certain, so I’ve asked internally and will get back to you :slight_smile:

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@Jnyberg, it’s a high priority but the software team is stretched really thin at the moment.

Depending on when time is available it could be done within a week, but we’re hoping for within a month or two :slight_smile:

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Hi @Qlowe, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’ve moved some other comments here that are on the same topic. In general, we haven’t yet finalised the relay functionality on Navigator yet -

I think last I heard we had a seemingly working firmware test branch, but it needed some more testing before release. Our software team is small, and there are a couple of other features that are being finished off first. I’m hopeful relay support will be sorted out some time within this month :slight_smile:

Hopefully this week or next - we have a working solution (which I was testing this morning), so now we just need to clean it up and make sure it’s easy to use, then make a release.

it sounded very good,then I just have to wait to reassemble enclosure :smiley:

You can track the issue (and corresponding pull request) here :slight_smile:

Currently the behaviour is working well for relays, but some of the other ArduPilot developers have requested some changes that would allow it to support more general digital output purposes instead of just relays.

Just following up on this, based on my following of the pull requests, is this likely to be ready soon?

Indeed. It has been merged into the master branch (so should already be available if you install the “development” firmware), and will soon be backported to Sub-4.1 and released via a minor release.

I’ll comment here when 4.1.1 is out (not sure if it will be beta or stable), which will hopefully be before the end of next week within a couple of weeks :slight_smile:

EDIT: Increased time estimate, because there are some other minor tweaks being included that are unrelated to relay integration.