Upgrade to Navigator and Raspberry Pi 4 PWM/AUX outputs 1-16?


I have buy the new Navigator Flight Controller and Raspberry Pi 4 to my Bluerov2 heavy but the Gripper and Lights is not working. Camera tilt works,is connected AUX 16.

I have tried to connect Light to AUX 13 and Gripper to AUX 12,but is not working.

Before I switched to Navigator Flight Controller and Raspberry Pi 4 everything on Bluerov2 heavy was working with Pixhawk Flight Controller and Raspberry Pi 3.

Must be something with the settings?

I use QGroundControl version 4.2.3

I just found out now that Newton Gripper most be plugged into output channel 9,10 or 11 on Navigator.

I have now get Newton Gripper working on Navigator but Light is not working.
Light is connect to AUX13.

I also have 2 Phidgets SSR Relay Board,them was connected to AUX5 and AUX4 on Pixhawk Flight Controller.
Where should I connect these to Navigator?

Hi @an-ron,

This is an ArduSub limitation of how the servo_n_* joystick button functions are implemented, not a Navigator-specific limitation - the same is true when using a Pixhawk, but with AUX pins 1, 2, and 3.

We’re planning to change that functionality to be more like the existing relay functions, where the pin is selectable, but for now it’s confined to those specific outputs.

Lights work fine for me on output 13. Have you configured that connection via the Lights page, or somewhere else?

Navigator does not yet have relay support.

I have now got the lights to work on Aux 13.
I don’t know what was wrong but i deleted QGroundControl from the computer and reinstalled it again.

Navigator does not yet have relay support,do you know when Navigator supports it?

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