Recommended M100 Contact Sealant


Maybe I missed this elsewhere in the forums or documentation, but I was wondering what material you recommend to best seal the connections on the M100 motors after soldering wires to them. Epoxy? Silicone? PlastDip? Our intent is to use the M100s on a submersible diving to a maximum depth of about 500 feet.



PS: It would be cool if you could add the recommended connection sealant in your documentation for the M100 and probably also the ESCs that you sell.


Hi Peter,

I apologize that you had trouble finding this info! I’ll make sure it gets added to the documentation pages asap.

Our favorite material to seal the wire connections is Loctite Marine Epoxy, which you can find at most hardware stores. It’s designed for use underwater and it’s really thick so it can be applied in a thick coat without dripping or flowing anywhere. I would definitely recommend using this if you are planning to reach depths of 500 ft.

I hope that helps.



Thanks for updating your documentation. I now see the sealant recommendations for the M100 motors.




Thanks for noticing! We’ve also added a better link from the M100 page to the documentation so that it will be easier for others to find in the future. Thanks for your input.