Using together with Open ROV


I saw that you have planned integration with the Open ROV, which is great!

I would like to request a guide for mounting the thrusters on the Open ROV, and connecting everything. Is there anything in particular to watch out for when using these two products together? Do you have any tests done/videos with this pair?


EDIT: It also seems like I missed that it is the M100 that is designed for the Open ROV, and that it is not ready yet. Anyway, it’d be great to get a guide for actually hooking the motors up to the Open ROV :slight_smile:


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I would also be interested in this same info also. We are building an OpenROV (v2.6) and looking at getting a new kit (v2.7). We have strong currents around here so would love the upgrade if available. Will it work on both v2.6 and v2.7? Thanks

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We will have a guide up relatively soon. It’s a pretty simple change: basically you cut the existing motor wires and attach them to the T100s and M100. The M100 mounts in place of the vertical thrusters and the T100s mount via the outside walls. You have to drill a few holes to mount them.

They do add a little extra weight to the back of the vehicle and it needs to be trimmed out with the battery location.

We’ll have more info soon!


By the way, I’m not familiar with the 2.7 yet but I imagine that the thruster will work fine with it.

Thanks Rusty. Which configuration of the T100 would I need to order (none, basic ESC or preinstalled)? Any updates on when the M100 will be ready for shipping? Cheers.


We actually have the OpenROV Compatible Kit for pre-order in our store but it is unlisted. You can find it here:

We currently estimating first shipments of those in January and the pre-ordered ones will probably ship around February.