Our OpenBlu Hybrid

A couple of very quick photos of the hybrid - bit of wiring work to be done tomorrow to connect the thrusters then water testing to sort out buoyancy and balance.

Basically -

  • Chassis is longer for better fore/aft balance
  • Batteries are easier to swap
  • Uses T100 thrusters now
  • More robust
  • Easier to attach payloads etc to

Will make it pretty once we sort out the functionality - amazing what you can do with a few cutting boards and assorted stainless fasteners :slight_smile:

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Looks good! Canโ€™t wait to see how it does in the water.

Gotta clean up the mess now - using a plunge router on HDPE makes one heck of a mess!


Nice work!

Here is my conversion of the OROV2.8 to BR M100 motors/propellers.


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@TCIII is that a seacon connector?


No, it is an inexpensive waterproof LED light connector from Amazon.

It has been tested to 100 ft without leaking.


I probably should update this thread seeing as how it has been revived. The hybrid ROV handled well - stability was very good, but we found that a three thruster ROV was just too limiting/frustrating, and we had a lot of annoying electronics issues and so purchased a BlueROV2, and then a second oneโ€ฆ - one has had some additional cameras fitted by Etienne at DeltaROV and they are working well too. The support from KevinK and everyone at Blue Robotics has been very appreciated.

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Here is a hybrid BR1/OROV2.8 Controller three thruster ROV that I also built.

It performs quite well.