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OpenROV T100 upgrade kit?


I’ve got an OpenROV as it best suited our particular needs due to its very light weight/small size, over on their forum there is mention of an upgrade kit here for their ROV that includes T100 thrusters etc but I can’t seem to find it in the store here? Anybody know?

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I have done such a conversion on an OROV 2.8 Chassis.

Check out my build guide here

I would contact Rusty to see if he has any of the M100 motor adapters left.

You are going to have to be a real DIYer as this is not an easy conversion.

I still have yet to ballast the converted chassis as the three M100 motors add around 225 gms to the rear of the chassis.

Other forum members have done such a conversion so do a search here for additional input.



Hi TC,

Many thanks for the reply.

When you say that you need to be a real DIY’er is that with the hardware or the software/firmware? If it is just the hardware/mounting them etc and keeping the thrust below level 4 then I can cope with that, if it needs changes to the software/programming etc then that is waaaaaaay beyond my ability!

BTW I presume that the M100 motor is the motor from the T100 thruster? or am I missing something here? Aim for me is to fit the complete T100 thrusters

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The M100 motor is the motor in the T100 Thruster.

There is no software or firmware to mess with, just the installation of the M100 motors on the OROV 2.8 chassis.

Some of the Forum members chose to use the T100 thrusters for the horizontal thrusters, but I chose to use the M100 motors with 3D printed propellers to help reduce the weight gained by the change in motors. The three M100 motors add about 225 gms to the rear of the OROV chassis and will require the addition of some buoyancy to the rear of the chassis to level it out.


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Here was my thread from way back in 2015 when I did the conversion: OpenROV v2.7 with BR Compatible Kit

I still have my unit, but it hasn’t been driven in nearly 2 years as I’ve steadily moved on to a larger 6-thruster homebuilt ROV and now finally a BlueROV2.


Hi Kevin,

Many thanks for providing that link - some good information there! Our plans are to ditch the OpenROV outer frame and instead make a frame from machined cutting boards and threaded steel rod - it will still be quite small but a little more robust and better suit our needs. An BlueROV is very much on the shopping list very shortly - just working out the best thruster configuration for our needs.

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I built a BlueROV1 Hybrid that used three T100 Thrusters and a OROV2.8 Controller complete with a compass and depth sensor module. Works great.


Cheers TC. See new topic in the DIY forum that I’m about to put up.